Why we should all stop using the name 'Jihadi John'

A group of MPs believe the media should tone down its coverage of Isis and Mohammed Emwazi because it is inadvertently glorifying their horrific actions.

Colonel Bob Stewart, MP for Beckenham, said the widespread use of photos of him clad in black and the moniker 'Jihadi John' was turning him into "some sort of modern Jesse James" (the infamous American outlaw).

I find it utterly abhorrent the media continue to put a photograph of a man who is a murderer and name him, and give him an identity by giving him a nickname.

I find this is probably going to reinforce those people who think it is a good thing to do, some sort of modern Jesse James. I just find it abhorrent our media continue to use this man's name.

  • Colonel Bob Stewart, Conservative MP for Beckenham
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