The negative news of 2018 shows no signs of stopping, with rapper Wiz Khalifa dashing the hopes of heterosexual banana lovers everywhere.

The rapper, whose hits include See You Again, has urged heterosexual men to avoid eating bananas, as doing so may cause people to look at them “suspiciously”.

The rapper made the claim during an interview with 'The Breakfast Club', encouraging straight men to stop putting whole fruits in their mouths.

He said:

If you bite a banana, you sus. N***** gotta break the banana in half.

Twitter users reacted strongly to Khalifa’s claims, with many calling out the idea that bananas could cause anyone to look “suspicious”.

Others drew attention to the fact that Khalifa has been photographed an holding inflatable banana in the past.

This isn’t the first time that food choices have been linked to sexuality.

In 2016, former Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond said that he didn’t eat ice cream, claiming “It’s something to do with being straight”.

A Welsh vegan group also claimed that "synthetic chemical pollutants" cause people to become gay.

So between ice cream and bananas, it seems there’s plenty of foods that apparently make you gay.

H/T: That Grape Juice

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