Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gives her verdict on Scotland’s Irn Bru

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez participated in a new method to destress: dumping her head in a bowl of ice water.

The New York Congresswoman took to her Instagram story to show her followers the process and why she decided to participate in the unconventional ritual.

In her Instagram story, Ocasio-Cortez wrote: "Ok so no lie I have been very very stressed out lately and today I found myself staying in a stressful mental pattern that was just creating more stress for myself. I wanted to interrupt that."

She continued to explain that she and her boyfriend Riley Roberts" read previously that dunking your face in a bowl of ice water can be a way of redirecting by forcing your body to top a kind of reset of your parasympathetic nervous system."

"So I’m going to try it," she wrote.

Ocasio-Cortez can be seen ready to dunk her head in her kitchen in front of a bowl of water that previously had ice in.

It appears as though the politician's boyfriend is behind the camera.

"And yes my kitchen is messy today, deal with it,

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"It gave me a brain freeze," said Ocasio-Cortez after removing her face. "But I must say it worked! Turns out dunking your head into freezing cold ice water is a pretty good way to redirect. Hope this helps someone!"

In her videos, AOC dunks her face into the ice water for a second time.

According to The Washington Post, dunking your face in ice-cold water is “one of the most effective stress resets.”

“One of the most effective stress resets involves submerging your face in ice-cold water while holding your breath. This activates the diving reflex, which slows the heart rate and redirects blood away from the periphery of the body, toward the heart and other vital organs. These physiological changes have been shown to decrease anxiety."

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