Ben Shapiro’s support of John Fetterman parodied in montage video

On the morning after the highly anticipated televised debate between Pennsylvania Senate candidates Dr. Mehmet Oz and John Fetterman, viewers on Twitter were surprised to find a video of Ben Shapiro seemingly endorsing Fetterman.

"Mehmet Oz is very bad, really, really bad," Shapiro says in the edited video. "So vote for John Fetterman because after all, Dr. Mehmet Oz is a loser and also a giant loser."

Having backed Dr. Oz for the open Senate seat, people were surprised to see Shapiro bashing the Republican candidate.

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But turns out, the video was edited together to make Shapiro seem as though he was supporting Fetterman.

Twitter user Justin T. Brown posted the video and said he and Chris Lee made it together.

Brown makes satirical political videos for social media. Among other things, he has also created videos making Jordan Peterson self-reflect, Bernie Sanders host Elon Musk on a Joe Rogan-like podcast, and Donald Trump interviewing himself.

However, Brown and Lee's video was so well done, people were truly convinced Shapiro was endorsing Fetterman.

"I'm confused... Is that a deep fake, spliced video, or legit?" Dennis asked on Twitter.

"This video is so good that I’ve spent my morning wondering about if it’s worth it to get roasted asking if it’s real," a Twitter user wrote.

The video was so seamlessly cut together, that even people familiar with Shapiro were outraged that Shapiro was endorsing Fetterman for office.

Brown requested that those who re-tweet or share the video tag Shapiro as well.

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