This two second clip from PMQs tells you a lot about Boris Johnson

This two second clip from PMQs tells you a lot about Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson says No 10 party questions are ‘wasting people’s time’
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A clip of Boris Johnson at PMQs yesterday has caught people's attention as it arguably displays a rather pertinent attitude.

As SNP MP Ian Blackford called the PM "absolutely pathetic" over his "ludicrous" party excuses Johnson was seen bobbing his head in a mocking fashion and smirking and at one point he even appeared to check his watch.

He then laughed leading Blackford to say: "A prime minister laughing once again, laughing at the British public!

"The prime minister is taking the public for fools, nobody takes himself seriously!

"Will the prime minister finally take responsibility? Resign! Go! prime minister!"

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A two second clip captures some of the exchange and people thought it was rather telling:

Johnson was dragged over the coals at PMQs with one of his own MPs Christian Wakeford defecting to Labour minutes before it started and former Tory minister David Davis telling him to resign during proceedings.

Nevertheless, the prime minister seemed in better spirits than last week as he celebrated what his government has achieved in office and rejected calls to do one, instead telling people that they must wait for - you guessed it - Sue Gray's inquiry.

But with reports claiming a number of Tory MPs are submitting letters of no confidence in the prime minister, several Tory MPs publicly calling for the PM to resign, and allegations about Downing Street parties held during lockdown mounting up, could Johnson's days be numbered?

We'll have to wait and see.

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