Here’s what £15,000 would get you in Mustique if you went on holiday without the help of a Tory donor

Boris Johnson is under investigation over his controversial new year break in Mustique, it has been revealed.

The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards Kathryn Stone confirmed for the first time that she is inquiring into whether the Prime Minister properly declared the £15,000 stay on the luxury Caribbean hideaway.

Last year he said it was a gift from Tory donor and businessman David Ross. Ross later denied it and said he helped Johnson find accommodation on the private island. Today, however, a spokesman for Ross, who is now mysteriously the co-chair of the government’s coronavirus events testing group, said: “Mr Ross facilitated accommodation for Mr Johnson on Mustique valued at £15,000. Therefore this is a benefit in kind from Mr Ross to Mr Johnson, and Mr Johnson’s declaration to the House of Commons is correct.”

As accusations about Tory sleaze rage on, we thought it would be interesting to note just what someone can expect to get with £15,000 in the Caribbean island. Here’s just that:

30 nights in a top hotel

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Johnson and Carrie Symonds only stayed on the island for a week, but had they wanted to stay longer, they could have had a room in The Cotton House Hotel for a month as they are priced at around £500 a night - small change.

The 5-star hotel has a spa, a pool, a beach bar and a gym. Not bad. But if for whatever reason it wasn’t up to scratch (perhaps it had John Lewis furniture) the couple could go to the only other hotel on the island, the Firefly.

A week in a luxury apartment designed for royalty

With only two hotels on the island, it is not easy to get a booking. Perhaps Johnson would have preferred an apartment, then? If so, Les Jolies Eaux, which was designed by Princess Margaret in 1971 is a good bet. It features two swimming pools—an infinity pool and a plunge pool—as well as an outdoor gazebo, a private sunbathing terrace, and tropical gardens, and a week’s stay is just shy of £15,000. Well in the budget.

24 bottles of the island’s best champagne

With £15,000 weighing down Johnson’s pockets, he could have purchased 24 bottles of Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades Brut Gold, Reims at The Cotton House Hotel’s restaurant. That’s more than enough for three bottles a night for the pair. They could also get six bottles of the unbelievably expensive red wine: La Tache Monopole, 2011 Domaine de la Romanee-Conti which is £2545 a bottle, so we can completely understand why Johnson needed a Tory donor to fund the trip...

195 scuba dives

Why anyone would want to scuba dive 195 times in a week, we do not know, but that is how many you can get with £15k.

12 boat trips to the Southern Grenadines

Boat trips are pricey but Johnson could have got 12. Other destinations are also available to visit from the island.

142 tennis lessons with an international pro

If Boris wanted to work on his backhand, he could have had 142 hits with a pro tennis player. A lesson with a less qualified instructor would be slightly cheaper but who can put a price on professionalism?

133 deep tissue massages

Being the PM must be stressful. So we wouldn’t be surprised if Johnson felt like an occasional massage. Or 133 from the island’s top spa.

Not a bad trip away, then.

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