The ‘Mystic Meg of politics’ has just predicted Boris Johnson's leaving date

The ‘Mystic Meg of politics’ has just predicted Boris Johnson's leaving date
Boris Johnson won confidence vote 'comfortably', Jacob Rees-Mogg says

A professor who accurately predicted the result of the confidence vote in Boris Johnson has now predicted when the PM will shuffle out of office.

Prof Jon Tonge, who teaches British politics at the University of Liverpool, told the Guardian that Johnson will be out within months.

He said: “I’d be surprised that if he was still prime minister in the autumn. I would say six months, but if anyone can tough it out it is Johnson.”

It comes after a string of almost spot on political predictions from Tonge.

In a tweet posted 58 minutes before the no confidence result was announced, Tonge correctly predicted 211 MPs, or 59 per cent, would back Johnson. He also predicted that 147, or 41 per cent, would rebel, which was one out.

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Meanwhile, last month he was almost as accurate at calling the outcome of the Northern Ireland assembly vote.

He told the publication: “I said Sinn Féin would get 26 seats and they got 27. I said the DUP would get 24 seats and they got 25.”

And in the 2017 assembly election he was also only one seat out and pointed out that Northern Ireland election is much harder to predict because of the single transferrable voting system.

Another politics professor has called him "Mystic Meg" because of his smarts.

So could his latest prediction signal the end of Johnson?

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