'Boycott Target' rapper complains that his protest song has been censored

Jimmy Levy in the ‘Boycott Target’ Music Video

Jimmy Levy in the ‘Boycott Target’ Music Video

A pro-Trump rapper has claimed his song ‘Boycott Target’ has been subject to censorship.

Jimmy Levy is one of four to feature on the song, with an accompanying music video uploaded to the ‘Mayor of Magaville’ YouTube channel, which has over 130,000 views. Ironically, parts of the video are filmed in a Target.

The song comes after a wave of backlash was directed towards the retailer Target after conservatives took issue with the store's 2023 Pride range. Items such as ‘tuck friendly’ adult swimsuits (that were falsely claimed by some to be for children) and some merchandise being aimed for kids, such as rompers with a rainbow on it, as well as rainbow dresses.

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As a result of the retailer’s collection, some conservatives have confronted Target workers and destroyed in-store displays. There has been an overwhelming call for boycotts from those on the right, and as a result Target has removed some products and relocated in-store displays, for their employee’s safety. Target has said it is still committed to uplifting LGBTQ+ rights.

Lyrics in the song include ‘they put a target on my back, but they’re targeting your kids,’ and, ‘you know that LGBTQ went too far.’

On Sunday Levy took to Twitter talking about his song writing that ‘this is the MOST censorship on a song that I’ve ever witnessed in my life.’ He claimed that the song is being hidden on iTunes and that Instagram made him ‘remove the link from my bio so that people can’t get a copy of the track.’

He also added that ‘they are scared the awakening.’

‘Everything that they are doing tells me that they fear the power that we the people have, but we won’t stop!’ Levy wrote in another tweet.

Right-wing Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-Greene even shared the song on Twitter.

The boycott of Target from conservatives comes after a string of boycotts of companies that have partnered with LGBTQ+ individuals or shown support for the LGBTQ+ community mostly notably Budweiser who also faced backlash for including trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney in one of their ads.

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