Dan Walker condemns Liz Truss's claims that the BBC 'don't get facts right'

Dan Walker condemns Liz Truss's claims that the BBC 'don't get facts right'
'This isn't the BBC': Truss jokes with GB News host over journalistic ...
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Dan Walker has hit out at Liz Truss following her comments on the BBC.

Truss took part in a hustings event in Manchester on Friday evening and accused the broadcaster of ‘not getting their facts right’.

The event was broadcast on GB News, and Truss took the opportunity to criticise the beeb during an interview with presenter Alistair Stewart.

It came after Stewart referenced a report that Truss wrote in 2009, incorrectly stating that it was written in 2019.

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Laughing after the error, Truss said: “I always thought you had high-quality standards at GB News.”

She added: “It’s not the BBC, you actually get your facts right.”

Dan Walker warned that the comments were "dangerous"BBC/GB News

The moment prompted applause from the crowd.

Presenter Walker, who previously worked at the BBC for more than a decade before moving to Channel 5, was one of the people who hit out at Truss on social media following the exchange.

He called the comment “an incredibly dangerous slur”, and added: “Dangerous for @trussliz, for every viewer… for all of us.”

Walker also pointed to the incident that saw BBC journalist James Cook abused outside the Conservative leadership hustings in Perth, where he was called a “traitor” and a “scumbag”.

“This is directly related to this,” he said.

Truss has been critical of the media over recent weeks as the leadership contest steps up. Speaking to TalkTV’s Tom Newton Dunn, she said: “You’re framing it in a left-wing way, Tom. The whole media does it all the time, drives me mad.”

At the end of the event, she spoke to Newton Dunn and said: “I’m sorry I was mean about the media.”

“It’s cheap and you know it,” he replied.

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