17 of the cutest dogs and other pets at polling stations on election day

17 of the cutest dogs and other pets at polling stations on election day

All across Britain polling stations have opened for perhaps the most talked-about local elections in recent memory.

In what’s being dubbed as ‘Super Thursday’, numerous high stakes elections in England, Scotland and Wales are taking place with a lot on the line.

More than 140 local council elections are running today as well as the Hartlepool by-election which is being hotly contested by the Conservatives and Labour.

Elsewhere, there are mayoral elections with Sadiq Khan hoping to win a second term as London mayor while facing competition from the likes of Shaun Bailey, Laurence Fox and Count Binface...

The implications of these elections will likely be scrutinised for weeks to come but in the here and now there is only one thing we care about – and that’s dogs.

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Dogs at polling stations is a tradition at every election now and it’s great to see the pups out in force again, despite the unseasonal cold weather that Britain is experiencing right now.

Here are some of our favourites that have made their way on to social media so far.

Even former Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson got in on the action.

London mayor Sadiq Khan turned up with his dog Luna at his polling station where his wife was voting.

Just look at the turn out in Dulwich Village in south London!

An unconventional approach to the hashtag from the Civil Nuclear Constabulary but we’ll allow it.

Let’s not forget the cats either.

Still no sign of any lizards, budgies, goldfish, tortoises or any other type of pet at polling stations yet but we remain hopeful.

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