Brexiteer Edwina Currie roasted for failing to come up with tangible benefits of Brexit

Brexiteer Edwina Currie has been criticised for being unable to name any tangible benefits from Brexit during a radio interview.

Former Conservative MP Currie appeared on LBC with Matt Frei this morning, where she was asked to explain to listeners what the positives to come from the UK leaving the EU are.

Frei asked: “What are the tangible benefits of Brexit so far?”

After being pushed for an answer, Currie finally responded: “Freedom.”

She was then asked by presenter Frei, “Freedom to do what?”, to which Currie replied: “Two fingers to Brussels. It’s fabulous.”

Currie also told Frei he was expecting a “magic wand” and claimed the benefits “take time” to appear.

She continued, saying that since Brexit, “we can take our own decisions, we can make up our own minds”.

The former health secretary under Margaret Thatcher also argued that the UK is now “doing far more trade now with countries outside Europe”.

However, her claims were disputed by Frei, who said: “I don’t think the numbers stack up.

“Our decline [in] trade with the European Union far outweighs the benefits of any trade negotiations – trade deals – we’ve struck with Japan and so on.”

Currie’s comments have come under fire from some as “infantile”.

One person wrote: “Edwina Currie names the Brexit benefits as ‘freedom’ and ‘two fingers to Brussels’.

“Two completely infantile and diplomatically incontinent claims. Summing up the whole miserably dishonest project and the prejudiced idiocy of those who still support it.”

Another said: “Benefits of Brexit? asks Matt Frei on LBC. Edwina Currie: ‘FREEDOM! and two fingers to Brussels’.

“That’s the level, folks…”

Someone else wrote: “Edwina Currie being challenged to name Brexit benefits on LBC.

“So far, she can only come up with ‘freedom’ and ‘there is no magic wand and it will take time’ and ‘it is a very exciting time.

“Utterly pathetic.”

It’s quite the change in belief from someone who used to be a Remainer.

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