Was the Nigel Farage milkshake attack staged? Emily Hewertson responds to accusations

Was the Nigel Farage milkshake attack staged? Emily Hewertson responds to accusations
Nigel Farage responds to milkshake throwing in Clacton
Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage was hit by a milkshake on Tuesday (June 4) while on the campaign trail in Clacton, just a day after announcing his plans to stand in the general election.

It’s not the first time the 60-year-old has been hit by a milkshake while campaigning, after he was drenched while leading the Brexit Party back in 2019.

Farage was hit outside the Wetherspoons pub the Moon & Starfish pub in Clacton-on-Sea in Essex on Tuesday, with pictures capturing the exact moment he was covered in the drink.

He recorded a video of himself laughing the incident off, holding a milkshake himself and saying “my milkshake brings all the boys to the rally” afterwards.

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The woman who threw the drink was photographed and quickly arrested by Essex police.

However, she was misidentified by some people online as a conservative pundit, and it’s led to conspiracy theories that the whole thing was staged by Farage – but there’s no evidence of that.

The woman who threw the drink has been identified as Victoria Thomas-Bowen, who is a 25-year-old OnlyFans model.


Speaking to the BBC about her decision to throw the drink, she said that she “just felt like it”, saying: “He doesn’t stand for me. He doesn’t represent anything I believe in, or any of the people around here. He doesn’t represent us, he’s not from here.”

Thomas-Bowen was arrested by Essex police on suspicion of assault.

However, since the pictures of the event were shared widely online, people falsely identified the woman as Emily Hewertson – a 24-year-old conservative, pro-Brexit media personality, who also works as a House of Commons press officer.

Clarifying that she was not responsible for the incident, Hewertson wrote on Twitter/X: “No, I did not throw a milkshake over Nigel Farage.”

Before the woman was identified as Thomas-Bowen, some began to share theories that the whole thing had been orchestrated by Reform UK, which are completely unsubstantiated. Essex Police has also given no suggestion that it was an event planned by Reform UK.

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