Man named John Lewis trolls Boris Johnson over flat refurbishment scandal

Man named John Lewis trolls Boris Johnson over flat refurbishment scandal
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A man named John Lewis has responded to Boris Johnson’s flat controversy.

Posting on Twitter, the American man who is frequently mistaken for the retailer waded into the drama and said:

It comes after the Electoral Commission announced it would be investigating allegations that Boris Johnson accepted a loan from Conservative Party HQ to renovate his Downing Street gaff, without properly declaring it as a gift, something the Prime Minister denies.

But what has caused the nation to get most upset is Carrie Symond’s apparent description of the flat as a “John Lewis furniture nightmare” as cause for the renovation, as many believed living amongst John Lewis furniture was anything but a nightmare:

And now, John Lewis, a computer science teacher from Virginia has given his much needed two cents and poked fun at the PM for the comments.

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It is not the only time Lewis has delighted in sharing a name with the department store.

He frequently trolls people who tag him in tweets mistakenly and often gives his opinion on the John Lewis Christmas adverts:

And in case you were wondering, the shop itself has also responded to the issue and has also appeared to mock the prime minister in a series of tweets:

And Argos has even stepped up to the plate to defend John Lewis, posting:

Will this story die? Probably not. Journalist Sarah Vine stoked the fire yesterday when she told the BBC that the PM couldn’t be expected to live in a “skip” and that he deserved “decent furnishings”. She caused another wave of disbelief among the many who couldn’t grasp that anyone could see John Lewis furniture as “skip” like.

Amongst all this, the question of government transparency and committing to the proper procedure is slipping through everyone’s fingers, because, because...


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