Kristi Noem told her VP candidacy could be in jeopardy after 'bizarre' Texas dentist video

Kristi Noem told her VP candidacy could be in jeopardy after 'bizarre' Texas dentist video
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Kristi Noem, the Governor of South Dakota, has drawn unexpected attention to herself after promoting the services of a cosmetic dentist in a video shared on her social media.

The video, posted on Twitter/X late Monday, shows Noem describing her experience with Smile Texas, a cosmetic and implant dental practice in Houston. Noem talks about a biking accident she was in years ago, and how it resulted in all her front teeth being knocked out. She added that after entering politics her smile became a concern for her.

"I love that my bite is better, that my teeth are a better shape, that they feel better in my mouth and that I can be confident when I smile at people," Noem said in the video. She then went on to say, "It has been a gift to be here at Smile Texas."

Noem is considered a rising star within the GOP, and is speculated to be a potential running mate for Trump's 2024 campaign. In February, Trump confirmed that the Governor was on the shortlist of possible vice presidential picks.

However, on social media, many questioned why Noem appeared to be posting an advertisement for a Texas business. Some compared the video to an infomercial, whilst others asked if Noem had decided to become an influencer.

One reply reads, "did the Governor of South Dakota just film an informercial for the dentist that did her veneers?"

Whilst another user called the video "extremely bizarre".

Many were also unsure if Noem could even post an advertisement whilst holding office.

Many began to speculate if the move would take her off of Trump's VP list.

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