Who are the Tory MPs calling for Liz Truss to resign?

Who are the Tory MPs calling for Liz Truss to resign?
'The game is up’: First Tory MP publicly calls for Liz Truss …

Tories losing confidence in their leader seems to happen earlier and earlier every year.

After mutiny in the party led to the fall of Boris Johnson only a few short months ago, people in the party are already turning on new leader Liz Truss, thanks in part to her handling of the economy, numerous u-turns, and disastrous press conference on Friday.

Three MPs have publicly voiced their frustration with Truss, while rumours are circulating that more are unhappy with her conduct.

While she cannot face a confidence vote in her first year in office (if she makes it that far), if enough people in her party grumble, she could be pressured to resign.

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So who wants her gone?

Crispin Blunt

Blunt was the first Tory MP to call for Truss to do one.

“I think the game is up and it's now a question as to how the succession is managed,” he told Channel 4’s Andrew Neil Show over the weekend.

Andrew Bridgen

Meanwhile Bridgen, who has in the past has sent letters of no confidence in David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson, told the Telegraph: he is already done with Truss.

"We cannot carry on like this. Our country, its people and our party deserve better," he said.

The MP, who supported Rishi Sunak during the leadership campaign, also wrote a savage blog post:

"Beleaguered Liz Truss has now run out of friends. She only ever had the support of a third of the elected MPs. We should expect more fireworks in Parliament this week. Unless this is resolved quickly, we are heading for a general election."

Jamie Wallis

Wallis tweeted the following letter to Truss, accusing her of "very basic and avoidable errors” like doing "obvious harm to the British economy".

The MP who came out as transgender earlier this year also said the way trans issues were discussed during the Tory leadership race was "extremely unpleasant".

“Mistakes can be undone, and as one united team I believe we could achieve almost anything. However, whilst you are our leader, I no longer believe this is possible.”

Angela Richardson

Richardson was the fourth Tory MP to call for Liz Truss to go, telling Times Radio her position was “untenable”.

“We saw those unfunded tax cuts. Had that not happened, the markets would not have responded in the way that they did, we would not be seeing the fact that there's potentially an extra £10bn pounds [in borrowing costs] that we’ve got to try and plug,” said the MP for Guildford.

“And I believe that’s 100 per cent down to the prime minister, I’m afraid. And so I just don't think that it's tenable that she can stay in her position any longer. And I’m very sad to have to say that.”

Charles Walker

Veteran Tory MP Sir Charles Walker brought the number of people calling on Truss to quit up to five. Not mincing his words, he said she had been “catastrophically incompetent”. He said the situation would only be “remedied” with “a new prime minister".

Speaking to Sky News, Sir Charles said: “I think her position is untenable. She has put colleagues, the country, through a huge amount of unnecessary pain and upset and worry.”The former member of 1922 Committee said: “I can’t think of a time in my 17 years as a member of parliament and my 40 years in politics there has been just such a monumental foul up … So catastrophically incompetent over the past six weeks. I'm just so cross. I've just had enough.”

Steve Double

Double trouble: The MP said her position is "increasingly untenable" and she will have to "consider her position".

The MP for St Austell and Newquay told Times Radio: "I think her position is becoming increasingly untenable.

"I think it's becoming abundantly clear when you look at the loss of confidence in her as Prime Minister from the general public, and increasingly I think the loss of confidence in her from the parliamentary party, that we are going to get to the point where she really does have to consider her position and for the good of the country, step aside, and I think we will probably come to that place quite soon."

William Wragg

Wragg announced he had submitted a letter of no-confidence in the PM, in a bruising commons speech on Wednesday.

He said: "What occurred with that financial statement I am personally ashamed because I cannot go and face my constituents, look them in the eye and say that they should support our great party".

In Liz they all don't trust.

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