Marjorie Taylor Greene confuses the Gestapo with gazpacho soup
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We all know controversial Republican congresswoman Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene can't tell the difference between the Gestapo (secret Nazi police) and gazpacho (chilled tomato soup), but now she's back at it again with another gaffe - and this time she completely bungled the role of the US president - with a hilarious typo.

It all started when Greene took to Twitter to criticise Joe Biden's foreign policy, telling her followers: "This isn't the team you bet on."

In response, conservative commentator Bill Kristol slammed the GOP congresswoman's stance and tweeted that Greene "recommends betting against America."

Safe to say this retort didn't go down too well with Greene, who had some harsh - albeit strange - words for Kristol.

"I tell you what pumpkin," she wrote referring to Kristol with a sarcastic use of the term of endearment.

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"How about you suit up and report to your commander and chief yourself and tell him your [sic] reporting for duty."

“You might want to train a little first, the only thing in shape on you and prepared for war is your little Twitter thumbs," she added.

Looking past the rude comment and the incorrect use of "your," people on Twitter were quick to point out that Greene had made an error calling the president "commander and chief" instead of commanderin chief.

Perhaps Greene can take some comfort that she isn't the only gaffe-prone GOP congresswoman being called out online after her colleague and fellow speech-heckler Lauren Boebert recently got ridiculed for making up a military rank to defend her outburst at the State of the Union speech.

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