Nadine Dorries' constantly changing political views are leaving people with whiplash

Nadine Dorries refuses to rule out possibility of Boris Johnson comeback

Conservative MP Nadine Dorries has never been one to mince her words when it comes to what she believes in, but people are finding it harder and harder to keep track of what exactly that really is.

In the leadership race to determine the next Conservative party leader and Prime Minister, Dorries backed the now PM Liz Truss to take the helm. But, not long after Truss took office, Dorries appeared to call for a general election.

In a tweet complaining about how Truss had put a stop to the things she’d done as Culture secretary, Dorries tweeted: “If Liz wants a whole new mandate, she must take to the country.”

Later that same week, in an interview with The Times, Dorries again criticised Truss for the direction she is taking the Tory party.

She said: “This libertarian ideology has taken over the government and the cabinet but the country is not libertarian.

“The universal political truth is that the country is in the centre so why are we lurching to the right? People like Jeremy Corbyn who do not abide by that political truth lose badly. There’s going to be a moment when people wake up and realise that and those MPs are going to be looking for someone who will keep their seats for them.”

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But, the following day appearing on Laura Kuenssberg’s BBC show, it looked like Dorries had massively changed her tune, saying that a general election now would likely decimate that party.

“I'm still one of Liz's biggest supporters but you have to put that into the context that we are 30 points behind Labour in the polls and if there was a general election tomorrow that would probably mean complete wipeout for the Conservative Party,” Dorries said.

Given the chopping and changing, some are struggling to keep up as today Dorries managed to simultaneously criticise MPs who want Truss to resign while also pointing out that Truss was not voted for by the British public.

Responding to her confusing tweet, Labour MP Chris Bryant replied: “But Nadine you said that she has no mandate for her policies. #GeneralElectionNow.”

Another confused Twitter user also wrote: “She's back to backing Truss?! Total Swingball merchant.”

Someone else pointed out: “Oh Nadine! By writing ‘they cannot foist upon the British public another PM that the public have not voted for’ she's admitting that Liz was foisted on us!”

indy100 has contacted Nadine Dorries for comment.

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