Fox News can't make up its mind about Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan

Fox News can't make up its mind about Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan
House Speaker Pelosi Lands in Taiwan

Fox News aired multiple programs with conflicting views about Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan with some hosts criticizing her trip while others praised it.

On Monday, Tucker Carlson criticized Pelosi's trip saying the US is "on the brink of yet another global war, potentially a nuclear war, because Nancy Pelosi has been given the green light by the White House to fly to Taiwan."

But on The Faulkner Focus, retired General Keith Kellogg called the move "very smart" and encourage Pelosi to take the trip so the US can stand up to China.

Jesse Watters echoed some of Carlson's concerns, adding that Pelosi's trip was a 'distraction' from her husband, Paul Pelosi's, DUI hearing this week.

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Then last week, Laura Ingraham encouraged Pelosi to go to Taiwan saying she "has a golden opportunity to move beyond rhetoric and actually strike a blow for liberty" as Speaker of the House.

The conflicting rhetoric from Fox News led to commentary from people online.

Pelosi's trip to Taiwan has been met with mixed reviews, some from people concerned it could raise tensions between the US and China while others believe it's important to establish dominance.

The trip is part of Pelosi's tour of Asian countries. However since China claims Taiwan is a territory but Taiwan says it's an independent self-governing island, it was unclear if Pelosi would stop there.

The US has notably taken a vague approach when it comes to Taiwan. Although President Joe Biden has notably ramped-up support of Taiwan saying the US would help defend it should a military struggle occur between Taiwan and China.

After Pelosi announced her intent to stop in Taiwan, China warned the US that it would lead to potential military consequences. But when her plane landed on Tuesday morning, it was clear she would be standing her ground.

Many Republicans have supported Pelosi's trip.

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