New York Times tells stressed-out readers to 'breathe like babies' on election night

New York Times tells stressed-out readers to 'breathe like babies' on election night
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The Democrats looked to be in for a tough night on Tuesday, and The New York Times had some eyebrow-raising advice for its typically left-leaning audience.

The news site tweeted out a five-step advice plan on how to 'soothe election stress' - and it was a little more involved than just cracking open a bottle of whisky.

As Ron DeSantis clocked up a mega-win, readers were urged to do some breathing exercises as they traced the outlines of their hands. So far, not too weird.

Next, readers were encouraged to dunk their faces into ice-water for 15 to 30 seconds. Bit weird, but will give you a refreshed visage.

The third step was pretty normal - take a walk around the block. Although you may want to leave your iPhone behind so you don't take sneaky peeps at Twitter.

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The fourth was the one that made it go viral on social media: "Breathe like a baby."

Confused as to what that actually means? "Focus on expanding your belly as you breathe, which can send more oxygen to the brain." Cool.

The final tip is probably good advice for us all: Limit your scrolling.

Right-wingers were quick to pounce:

One person suggested that breathing like a baby might cause readers to pass out into their ice-water baths:

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