Nigel Farage is dabbling in yet another side hustle

Farage pictured outside a Margate in 2015
Farage pictured outside a Margate in 2015
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Nigel Farage appears to be having something of a mid-life crisis.

He announced last month that he was retiring from politics, and has seemed at a loss ever since, turning to Cameo to make some pocket money, and regularly tweeting out ‘hot takes’ about politics.

And now, The Spectator reports his new involvement in blockchain, because, why not?

The low-down is that, last month, Farage was appointed as a spokesman and advisor for green finance firm, Dutch Green Business Group.

The firm plants trees to capture carbon, which is interesting because Farage has regularly expressed scepticism about climate change.

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But let’s not go down that route. Let’s remain focussed on blockchain...

DGB has now acquired a stake in software development outfit Statix Artificial Intelligence which uses blockchain technology.

Farage told the Spectator that the “fantastic new application of blockchain technology” is going to “appeal to a new type of investor.” He added that it will be launched within months.

It’s not the first time Farage has expressed an interest in this field. Writing in his newsletter last December, Farage said that bitcoin, a cryptocurrency distributed on blockchain, was the “ultimate anti-lockdown investment”.

Spectator journalist James Heale said:

The man clearly has his finger in every pie going. Whether he is a Gen Z icon though? Nah.

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