7 ways Nigel Farage has tried to stay relevant as he launches new gin

7 ways Nigel Farage has tried to stay relevant as he launches new gin
Nigel Farage blames Twitter algorithm for having 'zero growth' for 18 months

Farage lingers in Britain like a stain - clinging onto relevance.

Today he's launched a gin, for instance, but that isn't the only thing he's done in a desperate attempt to stay in the public eye in the last few years.

Here are the others:

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1. Launched a gin

So here we go, Farage's gin, let's take a swig. First of all, it's £40 making it more expensive than the stuff you can get in a supermarket, but what's a cost of living crisis?

On his website, Farage wrote: "I visited Cornwall for the first time in 1983, it was a fishing trip and I was nineteen. It seems a long time ago now, but my love for what I consider England’s most beautiful county has not changed.

"Amazing coastal walks, a rich and mysterious history and the surfing of course, there is no better way to end a fully packed Cornish day than with a glass of gin and tonic as the sun goes down over the western horizon.

"Farage gin is produced by an artisan distillery in the heart of Cornwall using pure local spring water, naturally occurring sugar and it is bottled by hand in small batches. Red, White or Blue I hope you enjoy my patriotic take on this quintessentially British drink. Cheers!"

All the gin in the world couldn't endear us to Farage.

2. Joined Cameo

In 2021, Farage joined Cameo to sell 'shout out' videos. Sadly for him, he was dogged with pranks and tricks by people who clearly didn't have his best interests at heart.

Still, at least he made some coin.

3. Carried on spouting dodgy takes

Dodgy takes are Farage's bread and butter so you best believe he has continued churning them out at every opportunity to stay in people's minds but not hearts. From his views on Russia, to the small boats crisis, everything he has said has left us wishing he came with a mute button.

4. Became a blockchain bro

Last year, the Spectator reported that Farage was appointed as a spokesman and advisor for green finance firm, Dutch Green Business Group.

DGB has acquired a stake in software development outfit Statix Artificial Intelligence which uses blockchain technology.

Farage told the publication that the “fantastic new application of blockchain technology” is going to “appeal to a new type of investor.” He added that it will be launched within months.

5. Went on tour

In May last year, people registered to attend Nigel Farage’s tour with no intention of going.

Posting on Twitter, numerous people trolled the Brexiteer by signing up for the free tour, which took place in the US, taking spaces from people who may - for some reason - be interested in what Farage has to say.

In April this year, he also gave people the opportunity to part with £1.50 in exchange for seeing his GB News event 'Farage at Large'.

6. Joined GB News

In July last year, Farage did the inevitable and joined GB News. Not everyone was enamoured with his hot takes but that didn't stop him bleating on at anyone who listened.

7. Joined Thrillz

Not content with Cameo, Farage joined a new platform for people to request videos, Thrillz. There, you could get Valentine's Day messages from the former politician.

Farage, everyone, Britain's biggest grifter.

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