Nigel Farage is now doing Valentine's Day messages just in case you had a crush on him

Nigel Farage is now doing Valentine's Day messages just in case you had a crush on him
Nigel Farage advertises personal video message for Valentine's gift

After what felt like the longest January ever, we’re now in the month of February and days away from Valentine’s Day – which has prompted controversial commentator and former Ukip leader Nigel Farage to plug his new personalised video service.

In a tweet posted on Monday, the GB News presenter wrote that if someone was “stuck for a Valentine’s gift for your other half”, then they should get a personalised message from him because “what says ‘I love you’ more than that”.

Many things, Nigel. Many, many things.

He even suggested that “perhaps it’s me they have always had a crush on”, because nothing’s sexier than a hardcore stance on immigration.

“Gift for Valentine’s. Stuck for an idea? You can book me, Nigel Farage, exclusively at Thrillz, and send that special message to your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or whatever you call them,” he said in an accompanying video.

It isn’t the first time that Mr Farage has advertised customised videos for members of the public, deciding to stand in a tree in March last year (we don’t know why either) to promote his partnership with rival video site Cameo.

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His time with the US-based company was marred with embarrassing blunders, as individuals tested how far they could go with tricking the former Brexit Party leader.

Guardian reporter Carole Cadwalladr – who isn’t exactly best pals with Mr Farage following her reporting on the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the Brexit campaign – paid £63 for the broadcaster to tell her to “keep the faith” amid a “tough time”.

Meanwhile author Hassan Akkad tried to book Mr Farage for a congratulations message to his friend Mohammed for “being granted asylum in the UK after his perilous boat crossing”.

Mr Farage simply replied: “I am not for channel crossings.”

Other mishaps on the platform included him delivering a message to someone named ‘Hugh Janus’, a weird series of videos referring to the ‘Big Chungus’ meme and saying a pro-IRA slogan not once, but twice.

The presenter announced that he would be exclusive to Thrillz in November last year, because “they are a British company, they’ve got great tack [and] it’s going somewhere”.

“I want Thrillz, a British company, to be at the forefront of all of this, so I’m thrilled to be at Thrillz,” he added.

Following his advert for Valentine’s messages, Twitter has once again roasted Mr Farage, with many suggesting his custom videos are actually beneficial if you want a quick divorce rather than something confirming your love for your partner:

Prices start at £74 for a shoutout and £500 if you want Mr Farage to attend your virtual event.

Personally, we don’t think this latest money-making scheme from Nige will go very Far(age)…

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