Reform Party suggests Covid vaccine passports could pave way for calorie intake passports


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The Reform Party has made a ridiculous claim about the “dangers” of vaccine passports.

Their latest advert, posted on social media platforms, suggests that vaccine passports – used to prove they have been vaccinated against coronavirus – could pave the way for passports showing how many calories people have consumed on a given day, before purchasing food...

The “powerful” graphic is captioned: “It may seem innocent enough at first, but giving the Government the power to control your access to spaces and services based on health data sets a dangerous precedent and could be used to control other aspects of your life.” It doesn’t, it won’t.

Vaccine passports will be used at big events or venues, like festivals and football matches, to determine if someone is vaccinated, has had a recent negative test, or has natural immunity to coronavirus. This is all, of course, a way to stop the spread of the virus while allowing life to go back to some degree of normality, without lockdowns, which is what we thought the Reform Party wanted.

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Apparently not. The Reform Party HATE the idea of vaccine passports and, in a video, one of their politicians Dr David Bull posted a rant chockablock with misinformation, claiming we will need to present a passport every time we go to pubs or restaurants – which is just not the case at all – and that our data will be used against us.

“This is the beginning of something far more sinister,” he claims, without evidence.

And numerous figures from the party have shared the graphic on Twitter, with sombre warnings, that are unbelievably not jokes:

Others, however, were not convinced by the party’s crude attempt at propaganda. One person commented: “And you wonder why you are a small, insignificant party with stupid posts like this.”

While another questioned:


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