Republicans are moving away from boycotting Bud Light: "they were biting the hand that feeds them"

Republicans are moving away from boycotting Bud Light: "they were biting the hand that feeds them"
Dylan Mulvaney announces 'March Madness' brand partnership with Bud Light

Republicans have been boycotting Bud Light after it's collaboration with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney - but now they've changed their tune after seemingly realizing, the beer’s parent company Anheuser-Busch, is a generous GOP donor.

The National Republican Congressional Committee Twitter account was initially pretty vocal about the matter on Saturday with a fundraising post urging supporters to donate to the NRCC and receive a custom drink koozie in the process.

“Thanks to Dylan Mulvaney, we can all finally admit that Bud Light tastes like water,” the NRCC said in the tweet, according to Daily Beast.

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“With our new koozie’s, you can make sure no one confuses Bud Light with real beer ever again.”

Though this tweet has since been quietly deleted, meanwhile the actual fundraising page now redirects to a general “Stand with House Republicans” contribution page.

“‘This Beer Identifies as a Water’ Koozie Claim your LIMITED-EDITION Koozie!” WinRed fundraising page said, as per Daily Beast which also used Bud Light’s iconic blue writing.

“Woke companies making you feel like drinking?”

“Then this limited-edition koozie is perfect for you! Just chip in $10 to CLAIM YOUR LIMITED-EDITION KOOZIE!”

It is thought that the backtracking may have something to do with the fact that Bud Light's parent company is a large donor for the GOP since Anheuser-Busch and its employees gave the NRCC $464,505 in 2022.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr has also urged his fellow Republicans to end the Bud Light boycott.

He said: “I’m not, though, for destroying an American, an iconic company, for something like this. Trust me, the memes have been so good. I’m sitting there chomping [unintelligible].

“But like, when I actually look into it, I’m not going to blame the whole company for the inaction or the stupidity of someone in a marketing campaign that got woke as hell.”

According to one GOP operative who spoke anonymously to the publication, gave insight into why Republicans are moving away from a boycott.

“I assume they backtracked because they realized they were biting the hand that feeds them, and as soon as word gets around about that, why would anyone else give them big money in the future?” they theorised.

“Bud Light has some idiots in their marketing department who thought this was a good idea."

The operative added: “The NRCC has some idiots in their marketing department that thought their response was a good idea. Maybe the ultimate lesson here is to stop letting the marketing geniuses make decisions and run things.”

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