Trump Jr calls for an end to right-wing boycott of Budweiser

Trump Jr calls for an end to right-wing boycott of Budweiser
Donald Trump Jr compares a trans rights protest to the January 6th …

The right-wing Bud Light saga has seen another twist in the tale after Donald Trump Jr urged MAGA fans to end their boycott.

The bizarre situation began after Bud Light collaborated with the trans activist Dylan Mulvaney on a campaign for March Madness.

The response from right-wing Conservatives was extreme – singer Kid Rock shared a video of himself shooting boxes of Bud Light cans. Meanwhile, a Republican house representative massively self-owned himself in a clip about the boycott.

While many on the right couldn’t wait to denounce the brand for its simple act of inclusivity, they may now rethink after Trump Jr made his stance known.

A clip from his show Triggered was shared on Twitter and appeared to show the controversial son of the former president urging people to end the boycott.

He said: “I’m not, though, for destroying an American, an iconic company, for something like this. Trust me, the memes have been so good. I’m sitting there chomping [unintelligible].

“But like, when I actually look into it, I’m not going to blame the whole company for the inaction or the stupidity of someone in a marketing campaign that got woke as hell.”

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Based on his prior rage against anything “woke”, people in the comments appeared suspicious of his motives.

One person wrote: “Let me guess the Trump campaign got donations from on of the execs right?”

Another said: “Better check junior's bank account for a huge check from Bud.”

Someone else theorised: “Jr. just figured out the family has holdings.”

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