Conservatives have been toasting Kyle Rittenhouse’s not guilty verdict with Rittenhouse Straight Rye whiskey - but now the brand has spoken out, slamming those using their product for this purpose.

Kyle Rittenhouse fatally shot two people and wounded a third last year during a Black Lives Matter protest last summer in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

He was charged with counts of intentional, reckless, and attempted homicide and reckless endangerment as well as a misdemeanor charge of possessing a firearm as a minor and a curfew violation charge.

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On November 19, a jury found Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts, sparking celebrations from right-wingers. One of those ways was to purchase Rittenhouse Straight Rye which coincidentally shares the 18-year-old’s surname - but has no association with him.

(Though, the whiskey is actually named after a place - Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia).

This prompted Heaven Hill Brands - which owns the alcoholic beverage - to tell those who bought the product to toast the teenager that “there is no cause of celebration” due to the “profound loss of life.”

“We have been disheartened to learn that some individuals and businesses have been using our Rittenhouse Straight Rye Whiskey brand to celebrate the Kyle Rittenhouse case verdict, despite the profound loss of life from those events.

They continued: “There is no link between our Rittenhouse Rye brand, which was started post-prohibition to commemorate Rittenhouse Square, and this case. It is our strongly held belief that in serious matters such as this, where lives were lost and people deeply affected.

“There is no cause for celebration, but instead deep reflection on how we can make the world a more peaceful and respectful place for all,” they added.

Though the message wasn’t taken too well, by those who it was intended for as they responded with the phrase: “Go woke, go broke,” and saying they wouldn’t buy the brand’s products again.

Though others were happy to see the company taking a stance against their product being used in this way.

indy100 has contacted Heaven Hill Brands for comment.

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