Sajid Javid has been roundly roasted today after sucking up to his boss by praising his work ethic.

The nation did a collective spit-take when the health secretary defended Boris Johnson on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme today and claimed the PM “couldn’t be working harder” and doesn’t get “any time to rest”.

He said: “What I see from the prime minister especially since I’ve been back in the government as health secretary is one that is working every minute of the day, literally every minute of the day.

“I don’t think he gets any time to rest whatsoever, totally and utterly focussed on the nation’s challenges but especially I would say over the few weeks with the emergence of this variant thinking about everything we could possibly do to make sure that we stay ahead in the race against this virus.

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“That’s what I see and that’s what I think the nation saw from the prime minister yesterday that he couldn’t be working harder to secure the future of this country.”

Reacting to his claims, the nation said that is not what they saw from the prime minister, as they pointed out his various holidays, power naps, and scandals from the last few months:

Elsewhere on the show, Javid reiterated the government’s plan to speed up the booster jab rollout for people over the age of 18 who have had their second jab at least three months ago. He defended criticism that the jabs should have been rolled out faster weeks ago, and explained why the government wasn’t introducing further restrictions to deal with the variant.

He also appeared on Sky News to discuss the number of omicron cases and deaths and further encourage people to get their jabs.

Busy day then – we wonder if Johnson will return the compliment and praise Javid’s work ethic too?

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