Ted Cruz refuses to wear mask

While speaking with truckers opposing vaccinate mandates, Texas Senator Ted Cruz claimed that he gets a lot of love and attention when flying on planes - but people on the internet don't seem to believe him

Cruz and Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson met with citizens taking part in the 'People's Convoy' in D.C. on Tuesday to discuss their efforts to eliminate federal vaccine mandates.

Part of the truckers' demands include ending all pandemic restrictions such as mask mandates, which Cruz touched on during the meeting.

"Every week I fly back and forth to Houston, almost without exception every time I'm on an airplane either the captain or a flight attendant will come up to me, will hug me, and say 'thank you for fighting for us'," Cruz said.

But people had doubts...

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Last year, Cruz introduced a bill to the House to end all mask mandates set forth by President Biden and the CDC.

Notably, the Texas Senator did not wear a mask while attending the funeral of late former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole.

Twitter users could not help but troll Cruz by using viral clips against him. Many found a video of Cruz attempting to hug his daughter, and her apprehension, funny given the situation.

Additionally, the talk about airports reminded many of Cruz's flight to Cancun, Mexico in the midst of a massive power outage during a winter storm in 2021.

In response to social media users' backlash, Cruz took to Twitter and said, "Leftists are surprised that people don’t like being fired because of unconstitutional vax mandates….."

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