Senator Ted Cruz was too busy trying to own Democrats by saying their character had been “revealed” during a “time of crisis” - and yet failed to recollect the time he jetted off to Cancun when his state of Texas was in the middle of a storm crisis.

Speaking to CNBC on Wednesday (December 15), the Republican Senator called Democrat politicians “authoritarians” as he hit out against the government’s Covid vaccine mandate.

“I think in a time of crisis, character is revealed,” Cruz said. “And on the Democratic side in this time of crisis, we’ve seen that Democratic politicians are authoritarians. They will control your life, they will order you to obey and they will destroy you if you don’t.”

“These politicians say they don’t give a damn: ‘Either obey, comply – or you’re fired,’” he added.

Perhaps Cruz suffers from memory loss because it’s seemingly slipped from his mind that his character was in fact revealed when a deadly winter storm hit his state of Texas back in February, causing a state of emergency that left millions of Texans freezing in the bitter cold without power and water.

Instead of sticking around to help his constituents in their plight - like Democrat Senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did - Cruz decided the best course of action was to jet off for a sunny vacation to Cancun with his family.

Of course, his travels prompted backlash and caused him to cut short his holiday to board an earlier flight back home.

At the time he did not apologise and said he was “trying to be a good dad” by planning the trip for his daughters. “In hindsight, if I had understood how it would be perceived, the reaction people would have, obviously I wouldn’t have done it,” he added, calling the move a “mistake,” BBC reported.

“Leaving when so many Texans were hurting didn’t feel right, and so I changed my return flight and flew back on the first available flight I could take,” Cruz said.

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With Cruz’s talk about his opposition’s character being revealed “in a time of crisis,” people on Twitter were kind enough to jog his memory to point out his hypocrisy - along with some receipts in the form of snaps of the Republican in the airport as he travelled back from his excursion at the time.

While Cruz slammed the government’s vaccine mandate, it is understood that 3% of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. are the Omicron variant according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Though in some places this is higher, such as New York and New Jersey where Omicron already accounts for 13 per cent of new cases.

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