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Elections bring out some strange takes, from every side of the political spectrum, but a Tory source just made one which has left people totally baffled.

A Conservative source has tried to argue that Labour doing well in London during last night’s local elections is actually a good result for their party.

It comes after Sir Keir Starmer hailed last night’s local election results as a “massive turning point” for the Labour party, winning three flagship councils including Tory stronghold Wandsworth.

Lucy Fisher, who is Chief Political Commentator with Times Radio, sent out a tweet following the results, which featured comment from a Tory source.

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She wrote: “A Tory source argues that Labour doing well in London 'is not going to bode well' for them at next general election.

“It 'will just reinforce the notion in working class people's eyes that they are now the party of the metropolitan elite, the party of Remainers'.”

It let a lot of people confused, with Twitter users replying to Fisher to share their thoughts – and dispute the idea of all Londoners being the “metropolitan elite”.

“That is some pretty top class spin. Yeah, let's lose all of London because that'll prove we're on everyone else's side,” one commented.

“Some of the poorest people in the UK live and work in London,” another pointed out.

One more said: “I am so, so tired of this crap. Most people in London are ordinary working people like anyone else.”

Sadiq Khan celebrates a Labour win in the capitalGetty Images

Speaking during an early-morning visit to Barnet, Starmer said about last night’s results: “This is a massive turning point for the Labour Party from the depths of 2019. We’re back on track now for the general election, showing the hard change that we have done in the last two years. What a difference it has made.”

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