Trump expert spots 'telling' sign that could reveal the state of his 2024 campaign

Donald Trump Is Selling Digital Trading Cards of Himself

Maggie Haberman, a Donald Trump expert from the New York Times, has revealed what people should be keeping an eye on when analysing Trump's 2024 presidential campaign.

On Thursday, Haberman joined CNN This Morning to discuss recent polling that shows Trump's approval rating slowly dwindling and support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis growing.

"This is obviously not where Trump wanted to be," Haberman said.

Haberman has covered all things related to Trump, from his presidential campaign to his presidency from 2015 onward. She recently released a book Confidence Manabout Trump.

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But beyond the polling, Haberman told CNN there is a major thing to look out for in Trump's campaign - rallies.

"Rallies are expensive," Haberman said. "I don't know how much money he's raising, that's something that I think everybody needs to be keeping an eye on."

"Rallies cost a lot of money. If you see Donald Trump doing events that are not a rally, that is telling about the state of his campaign," she explained.

Since announcing his 2024 campaign, Trump has not held a single rally or major event besides his campaign announcement.

"I can't remember the last time I saw somebody announce for president and do literally nothing," Haberman said.

This past week, the former president teased a "major announcement" which led some to believe he would be doing something related to his presidential campaign.

However, it turned out to be a collection of Trump NFT digital trading cards.


Political analysts like Haberman have anticipated that the Republican Party will seek out a different candidate, like DeSantis, to represent the GOP.

"Donald Trump's calling card is strength and being seen as being strong within his party and when that starts to erode, it's very hard for him to keep other people at bay," Haberman said.

She added that she "was told" his campaign will change in the coming weeks when he begins to hold rallies to garner support.

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