Trump's boast about his relationships with 'dictators' is eye opening

Trump's boast about his relationships with 'dictators' is eye opening
Donald Trump slams US government for Putin's nuclear escalation

Since Donald Trump left office, he has consistently maintained that he had a great relationship with several well-known dictators.

Whether it be Russian president Vladimir Putin or supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un, Trump has publicly boasted about his friendly attitude toward the widely-disliked world leaders.

The former president reiterated his position on dictators in an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity this past week on Hannity.

Hannity asked Trump to give “quick, short sentences, narratives” about several people.

On Putin, Trump said, “I got along with him great.”

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“Had I been president he would have been much better off because he wouldn’t have gone into Ukraine,” Trump said.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine last year, the former president has asserted Putin would never have invaded Ukraine under his presidency.

Trump then predicted that Putin will “take over all over” Ukraine.

Speaking about Xi Jinping, the president of the People’s Republic of China, Trump said, “I got along with him great until Covid came in.”

“We would have been able to work together very well. I made an unbelievable deal for our farmers and manufacturers where China was giving us $50 billion a year to our farmers and manufacturers.”

Hannity then asked Trump about Kim Jong-un, which Trump said, “again, got along with him great. People don’t want to hear that.”

“A lot of people say ‘that’s terrible to get along with him great.’ When somebody has nuclear weapons that can blow up the world it’s nice to get along,” Trump said.

The former president added that Kim Jong-un was “not crazy” and “very smart.”

Hannity then asked Trump if he thought any of the named dictators were “evil people” using China’s treatment of minorities and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as examples of bad behavior.

Hannity said, “I look at Putin, what he’s doing in Ukraine as evil… I look at China and the way they treat minorities there as modern-day-”

Before Hannity could finish, Trump interrupted saying, “you know inflation was caused by energy” before going into a rant about money and inflation.

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