Lauren Boebert alarms internet with 'pretty' comment about Trump

Lauren Boebert alarms internet with 'pretty' comment about Trump
Lauren Boebert says sleeping Donald Trump looks 'pretty'
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Lauren Boebert, the Colorado representative probably best known for being kicked out of a performance of Beetlejuice in September, has waded into the discourse around former US president Donald Trump reportedly falling asleep during his hush money trial with comments which are grossing out the internet.

Trump was ridiculed last month after New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman reported the politician nodded off in the courtroom for his criminal trial concerning claims he falsified business records to hide payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

And just a few weeks ago came reports his attorneys have “tried a number of different devices” to keep the former Apprentice star, who has repeatedly referred to current US president and soon-to-be election rival Joe Biden as “Sleepy Joe”, awake to properly listen to the proceedings.

Now Boebert, speaking on the House Oversight Committee of which she is a member, has commented on Trump supposedly dozing in the courtroom after Democrat Robert Garcia shared a “lovely picture” of the ex-president with his eyes closed during a committee session on Thursday.

She said: “I think he’s praying, but if he is sleeping, he certainly looks pretty while he sleeps.

“Maybe it’s just a sombre moment of thought.”

After Boebert was reminded that multiple media outlets have run with the line that Trump was very much asleep, the congresswoman added: “I could see why someone would fall asleep … it’s kind of slow in there.

“I just wanted to say that’s a lovely picture you have of President Trump, Mr Garcia.”

It certainly stands in contrast to the time complained about the use of remote working by government employees – only for it to be pointed out to her that she was criticising the practice over a period when Trump was president.

Boebert’s “pretty” and “lovely” comments have since caused Twitter users discomfort:

It’s not the first time Republicans have weirded out social media users, as back in 2021 fellow Trump supporter Matt Gaetz shared a photo of his then fiancée Ginger Luckey asleep on an aeroplane, which people soon branded “creepy” and “weird”.

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