30 false statements from Trump's Wisconsin rally debunked in 3 minutes

30 false statements from Trump's Wisconsin rally debunked in 3 minutes
Trump campaigns in Wisconsin to rally support
Fox - 26 Houston / VideoElephant

CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale made swift work of the many, many falsehoods that Donald Trump uttered during his recent rally in Wisconsin on Tuesday.

By now with Trump, we're used to a myriad of false statements and inaccurate claims but these days they seem to be getting more and more wild and unhinged.

After Trump spoke to his supporters in Wisconsin on Tuesday, Dale found that the former president had made 30 claims that were completely wrong and in a quick-fire segment, with Abby Phillip, debunked them all.

Here are all 30:

- Claimed there was 'world peace' in 2020

- Claimed he won Wisconsin in 2020

- The 2020 election was rigged

- Biden's team cheat on elections

- Claimed that votes 'disappear' during elections

- More than 100,000 people attended his rally in New Jersey

- He saved Kenosha during the 2020 riots

- Cocaine was found at the White House a month ago

- The cocaine was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars

- Claimed that Biden was behind his criminal trial

- Biden was behind all of his trials, including civil trials

- Biden didn't know where he was at the G7

- Claimed he has been indicted more than infamous gangster Al Capone

- Claimed he went to Washington DC for trial, which he didn't

- Claimed he offered Nancy Pelosi the help of 10,000 soldiers on January 6

- Claimed the Jan 6 committee deleted all records

- Says he was the only president in history to never start a war

- Claimed that he finished the war in Syria

- Syria and Turkey have been at war for 2000 years

- Wildly claimed that world leaders are emptying insane asylums and allowing inmates to migrate to the US

- Prisoners from the Congo are coming to the US

- Claimed Obama couldn't deport criminals to Latin American countries

- Venezuela's crime numbers have decreased after their 'criminals' emigrated to the US

- 17 and 18 million people have illegally entered the US

- Biden plans to quadruple taxes

- 48,000 jobs were lost after the cancellation of Keystone XL

- Inflation under Biden is between 40 and 50 per cent

- There was a $500 billion trade deficit with China before he became president

- Says he was the only president in history to take in 10 cent tariffs from China

- And that the United States is experiencing the worst crime wave in history

Phillip amusingly ends the segment by saying: "And it’s only Tuesday." The clip has since gone viral with Star Wars actor and long-term Trump critic Mark Hamill quipping "There is no job more exhausting than fact-checking the former guy."

It comes after Trump supporters were triggered after learning that School of Rock actor Jack Black was endorsing Joe Biden for the November election.

Trump was also mocked on social media after a video of the former president gingerly walking down a set of plane stairs raised further concerns about his health.

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