Last week, Volkswagen admitted it had cheated in the emissions tests of vehicles in the US, which lead to a free-fall in the car manufacturer’s share price.

The scandal has now spread to Europe, where several governments are investigating. Most recently, Swiss authorities have banned the sale of almost 200,000 of the brand’s vehicles within the country, signifying a massive blow to the carmakers.

Meanwhile, a YouGov daily survey has revealed that this scandal probably didn’t surprise the British public, as 69 per cent say they no longer trust any major company or organisation.

In addition 66 percent said they did not trust any car manufacturers to act in the public interest.

At the time of the scandal The Guardian reported that the vehicles were producing 40 times the amount of emissions allowed, which was collectively equivalent to roughly the same amount of pollution as is emitted by all of the UK's entire industry and agriculture sectors, power stations, and vehicles on the road.

Volkswagen’s new boss, Matthias Mueller, said upon his appointment that the company faced “unprecedented challenges” in winning back trust.

You can say that again.

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