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People might soon be able to use AI bots to detect red flags in relationships

People might soon be able to use AI bots to detect red flags in relationships
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Critics of the Big Brother society say we are being surveilled far too much, but if it could save you from heartbreak, would you give your information away?

AI technology to tell users how well-matched they to romantic partners already exist, but now tech is reportedly being developed to identify relationship red flags way before you may notice them.

The issue of AI recommending decisions about our love lives has got people debating about whether they would actually take the technology’s advice.

Customer service platform Tidio posed a question to respondents in a survey named “Love in the Age of AI Dating Apps”.

In it, they asked people whether they would break up with a partner if AI suggested it, or if they would trust their own intuition more.

The results varied – just 7% said they would immediately end the relationship. 48% wouldn’t end the relationship but would look out for potential red flags. 45% wouldn’t take any advice at all from AI.

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The study’s author Gosia Szaniawska-Schiavo, said: “A.I. dating apps of the future could use information about a person to create a set of parameters, which the recommendations would be based on.

“For example, the engines could use a person’s historical data to predict the likelihood of the relationship being potentially successful.

“This historical data could be in-app user behaviour, such as historical matches, conversations that had gone hiatus and changes in the conversations (based on keywords and frequency of the conversation) that the A.I. could identify as a change of heart and, consequently, a potential threat to the relationship.”

With a similar question posed on a Reddit AI group, some were sceptical about how it would work especially given how illogical love can be.

One person wrote: “I think the answers would be inaccurate as playing dice.

“Human relationships are so complex, our species have evolved for millions of years of natural selection and still fail in relationships.

“But it's not impossible. Just very difficult to implement properly.”

Another agreed, writing: “Human behavior isn't rational or simple to predict at an individual level.”

Given some of the dating disasters some people have had, they may have wished the technology was available.

One woman revealed that she fell in love with another man after she and her boyfriend opened up their relationship.

Meanwhile, another woman found feminine hygiene products in her date’s bathroom, leading her to believe he was cheating on someone.

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