The robotics group, Boston Dynamics have been an online viral hit for quite a while, thanks to their rather terrifying videos of their creations doing everyday things, such as opening doors.

Recently a video went viral which at first glance appeared to be from the group, where a robot was given a series of tasks but is routinely apprehended and attacked with weapons by members of staff.

However, as the attacks and blatant abuse of the machine increase, the robot responds by lashing out at the people and physically fighting back before holding them at gun point.

The video was shared on Twitter by an account named @kocizum on Friday has already been viewed more than 13 million times on the social media site.

Reactions to the viral clip consisted mostly of shock, worry and outrage over what the robot was being subjected to and how it and other robots may react.

However, some eagle-eyed viewers noticed that not everything was right and that the video hadn't come from Boston Dynamics at all and was, in fact, a parody created by the YouTube channel Corridor Digital.

The video which was only uploaded to YouTube on Friday was created using CGI and green screen technology and people soon started to call out the video and share links to the original clip, which also contains a behind-the-scenes segment.,

So, much like that terrifying theme park ride that we saw earlier this week, it would appear that the internet has once again been fooled by a convincing piece of CGI.


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