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That robot bowling ball video is 100 per cent fake

Tom Coben / Vimeo

We've all seen it by now, the viral video of a machine appearing to toss a bowling ball in a bowling ally, resulting in an extremely impressive strike.

The video has been widely shared recently on social media, and also became a meme. In the video, a robotic arm can be seen picking up a bowling ball and hurling it down a lane, claiming to show the abilities of the BowlBot 5000.

However, since it went viral, the video has been shown to be a fake.

Well, that's a big surprise!

The original video was shared to Vimeo by user Tom Coben, and it took the internet by storm.

When he shared it to Twitter, it quickly went viral, with nearly 70,000 retweets.

It also became a meme.

So, what's the actual story behind the viral sensation?

According to, Tom Coben is a motion graphics designer who has created a number of videos that include robots, including another that features an iguana that shoots lasers out of its nostrils, as well as strange spectral shapes expanding over streets.

Yes, really.

This isn't the first fake video to go viral. In June, terrifying footage appearing to show a theme park ride in South Korea was proved to be fake, as well as a terrifying video of a 'Boston Dynamics' robot purporting to show it fighting back against humans. The videos are often seeded from Reddit, before spreading to other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Furthermore, if there are any physics buffs out there, the way that the ball is propelled by the BowlBot 5000 is actually completely impossible, too.

According to, the rotations of the mechanical arm's spin would never have had any effect on the bowling ball or its trajectory.

So, sorry, guys! Perhaps this is one time that the phrase 'it is what it is', from Love Island, isn't quite applicable!

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