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Captcha is now asking users to identify objects that don't exist

Captcha is now asking users to identify objects that don't exist
Here’s how the ‘I am not a robot’ Captcha test actually works

Captcha is trying to get people using Discord a to identify objects that do not exist.

As reported byVice, multiple people using the platform are being shown a “Yoko,” which looks like a mix between a snail and a yoyo, and has been generated by AI, or other AI generated images like puzzle cubes.

Meanwhile, two months ago, a Redditor noticed Discord was asking it to distinguish AI generated soccer players amidst a group of pictures of people playing hockey and golf.

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Others have complained that images being generated are just 'awful.'

Discord’s captchas are run by a company called hCaptcha. “The technology that generates these prompts is proprietary to our third-party partner and Discord does not directly determine what is presented to users,” Discord told Motherboard.

“While most hCaptcha interactions do not result in a visual challenge, many variants are used at any given time.

“This particular question was a brief test seen by a small number of people, but the sheer scale of hCaptcha (hundreds of millions of users) means that when even a few folks are surprised by a challenge this often produces some tweets.”

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