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Diablo Immortal players want game banned on its own subreddit over microtransactions

Diablo Immortal players want game banned on its own subreddit over microtransactions
Diablo Immortal - Official Release Date and PC Announcement Trailer

Diablo Immortal players have been swift to criticise the game for its heavy focus on microtransactions and now fans of the series have called for any mention of the game to be banned on the Diablo subreddit which currently has over 328,000 subscribers.

In a post titled “Unpopular opinion: Ban Diablo Immortal from this sub for predatory gambling monetization” by u/Al3xqcs, they make their case by stating: “I don't know if a lot of people on this sub would agree with this idea, but the game is banned in a few countries for the above reason.”

The post is referring to Belgium and the Netherlands, which have both prevented the game from appearing online due to stringent laws regarding loot boxes in games in their respective countries.

The news was confirmed by Dutch website Tweakers, which quoted Activision Blizzard as stating this is due to "the current operating conditions in these countries."

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The post continues: “This sub probably has a significant large portion of teenagers viewing it. I don't think it's unreasonable to ban Diablo Immortal from this sub to protect vulnerable people until Blizzard change the monetisation system.”

While the post was prefaced with “unpopular opinion” users responding seemed to agree with the sentiment.

“Unpopular? There is enough hatred towards how this game was monetised on this subreddit you could resurrect Mephisto 5000 times” stated one user, referring to a boss character from Diablo 2.

“This is the one thing both D2 and D3 fanboys can agree on.” another user said.

The post came after one YouTuber discovered that players would have to pay over $110,000 in order to upgrade characters fully, by purchasing legendary gems only available in loot boxes.

Indy100 has contacted, Blizzard Entertainment the developer of Diablo Immortal, for comment.

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