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Privacy-conscious Elon Musk considers turning up at Mark Zuckerberg’s house for fight

Privacy-conscious Elon Musk considers turning up at Mark Zuckerberg’s house for fight
Mark Zuckerberg Says ‘It’s Time to Move On’ From Elon Musk Fight

Wrestling and boxing continues to be a popular way for high-profile individuals to settle their grievances with one another, and while YouTuber KSI prepares to take on boxer Tommy Fury later this year, a proposed fight between tech bosses Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk continues to get weirder.

Back in June, the owner of Twitter (now rebranded to the far less memorable ‘X’) said he was “up for a cage match” against Zuckerberg, who owns Facebook’s parent company Meta and won medals in his first Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament in May.

Surprisingly, Zuckerberg was up for the fight, sharing the tweet on Instagram with the caption, “send me location”.

More than a month later, however, and the cage match still hasn’t happened. On Sunday, Zuckerberg decided it was “time to move on” after claiming Musk “isn’t serious” about the contest.

In a post on his new platform Threads, the billionaire wrote: “I offered a real date. [UFC president] Dana White offered to make this a legit competition for charity.

“Elon won’t confirm a date, then says he needs surgery, and now asks to do a practice round in my backyard instead. If Elon ever gets serious about a real date and official event, he knows how to reach me.

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“Otherwise, time to move on. I’m going to focus on competing with people who take the sport seriously.”

Musk simply responded by branding him a “chicken” on X – mature.

And it seems Zuckerberg wasn’t wrong about his rival wanting to fight at his house, as Musk later posted: “Knock, knock… challenge accepted… open the door @finkd [Zuckerberg’s X handle]. Thought you might want some tea, so I brought the bags.”

Appearing to confirm that he was showing up at one of the Meta boss’s houses, Musk wrote on Monday: “For the Tesla FSD test drive in Palo Alto tonight, I will ask the car to drive to [Zuckerberg’s] house.

“Will also test latest X livestream video, so you can monitor our adventure in real time!

“If we get lucky and Zuck … actually answers the door, the fight is on!”

Except he wasn’t lucky, as Zuckerberg wasn’t in, with a spokesperson telling The Verge: “Mark is travelling right now and isn’t in Palo Alto. Also, Mark takes this sport seriously and isn’t going to fight someone who randomly shows up at his house.”

And many X users were quick to point out that livestreaming his journey to someone’s private property sounds like a breach of the platform’s own ‘private information and media policy’, which states users cannot publish other people’s private information without permission, or threaten to expose private information:

It’s all the more hypercritical given Musk suspended an account known as ‘ElonJet’ – a profile which tracked the businessman’s private jet using publicly available data - back in December, tweeting at the time that “any account doxing real-time location info of anyone will be suspended, as it is a physical safety violation”.

The individual behind the account, who now tweets the information 24 hours later on @ElonJetNextDay, couldn’t help but notice the contradiction:

For now, the planned ‘cage fight’ remains unconfirmed.

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