How to see every Google search you’ve ever made - even if you've deleted your history

Everyone’s worst internet fears have been realised and they probably don’t even know it.

It turns out that deleting your browser history doesn’t really delete anything and there is a record of every Google search you have ever made, right back to the very first one.

If you have ever searched for anything while logged into your Gmail or Google account, then a record of it still exists, regardless of whether or not you have deleted your search history.

If you feel the need to have a look at all of the weird or embarrassing things you have googled over the years, you can head to

You can even use the search function to search your own search history for specific memories or keywords.

And there are even more ways to feel embarrassed - you can look through all of your old image searches and also see what areas of Google Maps you have explored over the years.

It even explains how to download your entire search history, though why anyone would ever want to do that is a complete mystery.

Luckily, only you can see this information and it’s pretty easy to stop Google tracking your searches.

On the left-hand side of the page you will see the ‘Activity Controls’ option. After clicking that you can switch off the first slider that comes up, marked ‘Web & App Activity’.

So you might not want to leave your account logged in on a public computer ever again - because no one needs to know that you once had to Google how to boil an egg.

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