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How to make your Instagram show you only what you want

How to make your Instagram show you only what you want
Instagram to become more focused on video

As Instagram begins implementing new changes to its platform, more people are trying to find ways to make their feed more reminiscent of the old layout.

Users expressed anger over the changes to make the app more short-form video, pushing more 'recommended' pages, and adding more advertisements to the main feed. Kylie Jenner and others have begun campaigns asking Instagram to stop changing their platform drastically.

However, despite the backlash, Instagram says they have no intention of stopping their changes.

So users have come up with their own methods to manipulate their feeds back to their original ways using little tricks and hacks.

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For people looking to reduce the number of 'suggested' accounts on their main feed, Instagram has implemented a button to allow users to snooze suggested accounts for 30 days.

When a recommended accounts comes up Instagram users just need to click the three dots on the photo and hit "snooze all suggested posts in feed for 30 days.

Of course, this means every month users will have to re-subscribe to the feature.

If an Instagram user is looking to reduce the number of advertisements or Reels on their main feed they can scroll through their feed using a web browser.

Using a web browser returns Instagram to its older version with no Reels or ads implemented throughout a person's main feed. However the downside to the feature is it makes viewing comments and stories more difficult.

Interactive features on stories is unavailable on web browsing as well.

Using a web browser also gets rid of the full-screen feature that some people have.

As for viewing Instagram content made by your friends only, people can 'favorite' accounts they want to see and then sort their main feed by favorite rather than 'following'.

To do this, favorite the profiles you want to see the most then go to the home page and click the 'Instagram' logo in the top left corner. Then sort by favorite.

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