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Celeb surgeons say people are asking to look like their Lensa AI avatars

Celeb surgeons say people are asking to look like their Lensa AI avatars
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The world of plastic surgery seems to be moving away from 'realistic' and more toward 'futuristic'.

According to several celebrity plastic surgeons, people have approached doctors using their Lensa AI "Magic Avatar" as an example of their desired look.

Lensa AI is popular artificial intelligence software from Prisma AI.

Users can upload 10-20 photos of an individual person, select their preferred gender, and then the app will create several avatars in different styles.

The avatars were known to enhance traditional beauty standards and overly sexualise women's avatars.

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But some people were so enamored with their avatars, they've approached plastic surgeons asking to re-create the look.

Dr. Terry Dubrow, co-host of Botched and celebrity plastic surgeon told TMZ that he had to turn down a client who brought in their Lensa AI self-portrait for reference.

Dr. Dubrow said he thought it was a prank at first but upon realizing the person was serious he said 'no' because it wasn't possible in the operating room.

He also expressed concern about the trend creating unrealistic expectations "to the next level."

But he's not alone in that thinking.

After having, reportedly, five clients approach him with requests related to Lensa AI, Dr. Deepak Dugar also believes the trend could become "dangerous."

Although Lensa AI has become popular over the last few weeks, apparently requests to look more like filters and AI avatars are not new.

Dr. Ben Talei from the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic Surgery said he's been receiving requests like this since Snapchat became popular.

But like most fads, Dr. Dugar believes the hype around looking like a Lensa AI self-portrait will die down as more people participate in the trend.

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