Samantha the sex robot can turn down sex if she's not in the mood.

Yep, Samantha's creator Dr Sergi Santos upgraded the bot at the urge of his wife (surprise, surprise), so it can now shut down it feels like it's being treated inappropriately, according to the Daily Mail.

The mode, questionably called 'dummy mode' and demonstrated at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle, is activated if sensors under skin detect a partner is aggressive or if Samantha is bored by its partner's advances. She even has the ability to say "no" if she wants to.

Presumably Samantha is glad the new update has finally arrived: she was left "heavily soiled" after being presented at a tech fair last year, after people reportedly acted 'like barbarians' towards her.

In theory, the new update will encourage sex bot owners to treat robot woman - and real women, hurray - with respect and awareness around consent. But there's a catch: nothing is stopping Samantha's partner from still having sex with the motionless robot, as she is unable to fight back, an arguably even more disturbing outcome.

Samantha does not yet have a release date. But she is expected to go into mass production with the price tag of £3,600 ($4,700), so the wider world can enjoy the perks of "reduced smell" and "reduced oil release" (with her consent, of course). Sexy stuff.

The robot has motorised hands, hips and face, and can whisper endearments if properly seduced. She also has 'family', 'romantic' and 'sex' modes, as well as an 'extra naughty' level.

HT Daily Mail

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