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The 20 biggest countries for video games

China has topped a list of the world's biggest markets for video games, beating America into second place.

The worldwide games industry accounts for £59bn in revenue, with £53bn of that - roughly 90 per cent - coming from the top 20 countries.

1 China £14.4bn

2 US £14.2bn

3 Japan £7.9bn

4 South Korea £2.6bn

5 Germany £2.3bn

6 UK £2.2bn

7 France £1.5bn

8 Canada £1.1bn

9 Spain £1bn

10 Italy £0.9bn

11 Brazil £0.9bn

12 Russia £0.8bn

13 Mexico £0.7bn

14 Australia £0.7bn

15 Taiwan £0.4bn

16 Turkey £0.3bn

17 Netherlands £0.3bn

18 India £0.2bn

19 Poland £0.2bn

20 Switzerland £0.2bn

Source: Newzoo

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