Gotta date them all? Tindr is taking notes from Pokemon Go
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If you thought Tinder was scary enough as it is, just wait for what the dating app has in store for the future.

Singletons could soon use the app to find out if someone else is single by pointing their smartphone at them, according to Tinder’s co-founder Sean Rad.

He painted a picture of future Tinder to the audience at Start-Up Grind, according to the BBC:

In five years’ time, Tinder might be so good, you might be like “Hey Siri, what’s happening tonight?’

And Tinder might pop up and say 'There’s someone down the street you might be attracted to.

She’s also attracted to you. She’s free tomorrow night.

We know you both like the same band, and it’s playing - would you like us to buy you tickets?’… And you have a match.

It sounds like augmented reality could really kick daters’ experience of Tinder up a notch. Rad said:

You can imagine how, with augmented reality, that experience could happen in the room, in real time. The impact is profound as these devices get closer to your senses, to your eyes, to your experiences.

... So, you could say, kind of like real life?


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