Ten ridiculous problems only posh people have (from a ridiculous new TV show)

It's really hard belonging to that upper echelon of society residing in such places as Kensington, Chelsea and Knightsbridge.

Life is a struggle.

Channel 4 has a new series, aptly titled Posh Neighbours at War which follows the lives of the wealthy and their neighbourly disputes.

Here are ten problems from the show that these poor souls have to contend with:

1. When someone outbids you on a £4.75m property that you wanted for 'extra space'.

2. When your house is so small you have to build a three-level basement.

3. When your neighbour won’t let you build said basement, with subterranean swimming pool and gym because it’ll be too noisy even though he has one.

4. Torturous leaf-blowers.

5. When your neighbour paints her house red and white just to annoy you so you take it to your local authority and force her to change it back.

6. When you stage an opera festival in the country house and everyone hates it.

7. When peer pressure makes you buy a £25m property.

8. When your dog can’t sleep because of your neighbour’s 'super basement' building noise.

9. When you’re so annoyed with building noise you decide to write a book about it.

10. When you want your house to be a mansion but it’s only a terraced house.

Such a hard not life, truly.

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