It's fair to say that Asian representation in Hollywood isn't exactly great.

Last year was seen as particularly terrible. largely due to the widely-publicised whitewashing of 'The Ghost in the Shell'.

But Twitter user @nerdyasians recently pointed out that Asian women in particular are being portrayed with one bizarre commonality: a vibrant streak of colour in their hair.

From Glee and Deadpool to X-Men and Pacific Rim, the account uses a convincing grid of images to prove its point - that Asian women on screen can only ever be superficially 'rebellious' or 'docile'.

The tweet sparked debate, with some users weighing in to support the claim and criticise the trend:

Others were bemused by the trend and quick to point out its lack of accuracy, whereas some users saw it as an opportunity to celebrate strong, complex Asian characters who managed to be memorable without a box of Crazy Colour.

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