Warning: Huge Avengers: Endgame spoilers ahead. Don't blame us. Blame Mark Ruffalo.

Out of all of the many people who have starred in Avengers movies, Mark Ruffalo, despite being a talented actor, has an uncanny knack of spoiling the movies before they are even released.

Prior to the release of Thor: Ragnorok in 2017 he actually live streamed a portion of the film on Instagram.

That was almost forgivable but he was lucky to keep his job after spoiling the end of Infinity War during an interview alongside co-star Don Cheadle at Disney's D23 Expo in July 2017, where he blurted out that "everybody dies."

The Russo Brothers, who have directed the last two Avengers movies then jokingly 'fired' the 51-year-old actor after spoiling the name of Endgame on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon before it was even official revealed.

Surely, this time around Ruffalo avoided spoiling anything in the build-up to the release of this highly anticipated movie? Amazingly the answer is 'no'.

Despite certain stars on the film confirming that they didn't get a full script to the movie and multiple endings being filmed, including dummy scenes, Ruffalo still managed to reveal something huge about the conclusion to the movie.

Warning: This is where we'll start to reveal what happens in Endgame, so if you haven't seen the film, please stop reading.

After the Avengers have defeated Thanos and his army in an epic showdown, after travelling back in time and preventing him from ever capturing the Infinity stones, Captain America aka Steve Rogers agrees to go back in time and return the stones to their original locations in order to prevent multiple timelines from being created.

Rogers trip through the quantum realm should have taken just seconds before returning to the present day but he never comes back. That's when he reappears as a much older man and talks to his friend Falcon aka Sam Wilson who notices that Steve is now wearing a wedding ring but he decides to not tell Sam who the lucky woman is.

Then the very final shot of the film then takes place in the past and sees Rogers in a house embracing Peggy Carter, the love of his life that he never got to go on a date with due to the fact that he became frozen in ice during World War II which is very inconvenient. It's a beautiful moment and a fitting conclusion for Cap and his relationship with Peggy.

Yet, during an interview with E! News from early April, weeks before the film was released, Ruffalo who was seated alongside Karen Gillan and Chris Evans, who plays Captain America couldn't resist himself.

Pointing at Evans, Ruffalo yelled, "he gets married in this-." At this point, none of the cast had seen the finished film so this was just a stab in the dark from Ruffalo, so he can't be blamed too much but boy does he have a knack for ruining movies.

E! News has not made the clip available outside of the United States but it can be viewed in the video below, which also includes a load of spoilers so proceed with caution.

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